At Olive Japan International olive oil competition – April 2016

SILVER 2016 (1)

award certification

At Athena International Olive oil competition -April 2017.

SILVER 2016 (1)

award certification


at New York International olive oil competition – April 2015.


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award certification

We are not content with a good olive oil. We strive for the finest flavour and the outmost superiority in quality for our olive oil.

olive-oil-premiumAn exceptional extra virgin olive oil of medium intensity combining rare complexity of flavours. Its unique texture, fruity taste and aroma will leave you speechless. Your dishes will definitely not be the same after adding this exquisite all natural extra virgin olive oil.

Producing Season : November 2017 – January 2018
Olive Orchard location : Doloi – Kalamata/ Greece at an ideal altitude
Terrain : Scaled so as to prevent the roots of the trees from becoming saturated
Climate : 3.000 hours of sunshine in a year
Harvesting Method : Manually – hand picked
Producing Method : Cold extraction within 8 hours from picking the olives
Olive Variety : 100% Koroneiki

Doleon Premium chemical analysis 2018 (PDF)

Doleon Premium sensory evaluation 2018 (PDF)

Doleon Premium Chemical Analysis 2017 (PDF)

Doleon Premium Sensory Evaluation 2017 (PDF)

Doleon Premium Chemical Analysis 2016 (PDF)

Where does "Doleon Greek Premium" Extra Virgin Olive Oil come from? from Doleon Premium EVOO on Vimeo.