Who we are

Let us share our story!

We are a family business specialised in producing exquisite quality extra virgin olive oil.

Till 2012 our exquisite olive oil was not professionally exported under a brand. It was stored in the olive mill and was distributed mainly in bulk.

Giorgos Makris was working in advertising strategy and management from 2004-2012. At the back of his mind was always to set up a business with olive oil exporting. As a small kid grew up listening stories at every harvest season. The years have passed.. But the passion was always there and growing..At 2012 the time had come and an experiment had to be made. We shipped some samples to Latvia, Giorgo’s wife homeland. We wanted to distribute them to friends and relatives just to see the reaction of people out of Greece for the product. The result was tremendous, beyond any expectation. People loved it! The next next step was to ask the opinion of some top chefs in Latvia.They were extremely impressed…Then we knew that there was no road back.. We had to leave everything and work exclusively for our passion and build our brand! From 2012-2014 Giorgos and his team made a thorough market research, countless seminars and at the end of 2014 SIA Natures Icons was born and Doleon Greek extra virgin olive oil was launched!

When you look back into Greek history you will see that olive oil dominates our diet. It is the basis of Mediterranean diet and it is connected with countless health benefits. The olive tree is fruit tree dating from prehistoric times. From the ancient times it symbolises glory and peace. Those trees are mystical..they have their soul..you can sense that they have “feelings”.. It is our duty to protect and take good care of them.. They were here before us and they will be here after us.. We are just their guardians for a period of time! And we are so proud our story to be a part of their story!

Where does “Doleon Greek Premium” Extra Virgin Olive Oil come from? from Doleon Premium EVOO on Vimeo.