Welcome to Doleon!

Allow your senses to travel to a very unique and special place.

Imagine feeling the sun’s warmth wash over you, in an area that sees 3,000 hours of sunshine in a year.

Stand on the region’s typical rocky and scaled terrain, and let your eyes indulge in the vista of the Messenian Gulf’s endless blue waters.

Now turn around, and feel the light breeze hit you as it descends from the peaks of Taygetus, the mountain that is towering above you.

Open your hands, reach out and touch the olive trees that surround you. Listen to the stories they have to share from their centuries of existence.

Close your eyes and breathe in the blended aromas of fresh olives, freshly cut grass and of wild oregano.

Indulge in this magnificent world of the senses, as this is where DOLEON comes from.


Terra Olivo