About Us – Our Vision

Some of the finest olive oils remain a well-kept secret between the producer’s families and friends. Our vision is to share this secret with you; to deliver extra virgin olive oil of unsurpassed quality to every client, much like we would to a member of our family.

“Doleon premium” and “Doleon P.D.O.” is produced and bottled by the Makris family. The name DOLEON was created by combining together the words “Doloi” – the name of the village where we grow our olives – and “Eleon”, the ancient Greek word for oil.
Doloi is a small, scenic village in the Kalamata region of the Southern Peloponnese. Passed down from one generation to the next, the tradition of gathering olives and producing extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, has remained a part of our family for as long as we have owned the olive orchard.
For more than 250 years, we have been producing our olive oil keeping to the same traditional process and natural methods. Producing olive oil is a long-standing expertise which has also become a heartfelt passion for our family.

This passion and dedication but also:

  • our attention to detail in every step of the production
  • the combination of natural methods with the latest technology;
  • the ideal location of our olive grove, perfectly situated between mountains and
  • the sea’s crystal blues
  • the unique Mediterranean climate with its endless sunshine
  • the rocky scaled terrain

are some of the secrets that give ‘’Doleon’’ extra virgin olive oil its exquisite taste and its rich and unique aroma.