The olive trees

We are firm advocates of quality over quantity in our extra virgin olive oil.

The ”Doleon” extra virgin olive oil is a single source 100% olive juice, and it comes from the superior ”Koroneiki” olive tree variety. In Greece, the Koroneiki is considered “the queen of olives” and is recognized globally as one of the preferred varietals for oil production. It is one of the eldest and most famous olive tree varieties in the world.

The Koroneiki flourishes in the warm Mediterranean climate and is native to our area (Messenia). Greeks have been growing the Koroneiki trees for over 3,000 years with the sole purpose of producing olive oil. The variety’s olives, when cultivated properly, contain very high levels of polyphenols, antioxidants and vitamins which provide numerous health benefits.

Our trees grow entirely unassisted and naturally. We do not have a watering system, and the scaled terrain prevents the roots of the trees from becoming saturated. This method reduces every tree’s production by as much as 50%. But at the same time it significantly improves the quality of our extra virgin olive oil and it gives it a supreme and natural flavour with light bitterness and fruity taste of unsurpassed quality.

The olive tree is fruit tree dating from prehistoric times. From the ancient times it symbolises glory and peace. Those trees are mystical..they have their can sense that they have “feelings”.. It is our duty to protect and take good care of them. They were here before us and they will be here after us.. We are just their guardians for a period of time! And we are so proud our story to be a part of their story!